My Anthrocon Schedule

Hey, if you, like 7-8000 other people, will be going to Anthrocon this year, and you want to know where you might run into a certain fox, here is a handy guide. All the panels are in DLCC 310-311.


Noon – 3:45: Around the FurPlanet/Sofawolf tables in the dealer’s den with two new books and a bunch of old ones.

4-5: READING / Q & A. This is your chance to hear part of an upcoming, unpublished work as read by the author! And also to ask that author any questions you might have about books, writing, Zootopia, or whatever. (The author is me. If that wasn’t clear.)

6-7:30: Writing Foundations: Advanced. Kristina Tracer and I will be talking about some advanced concepts in writing. What will those be? Show up and find out!


10-11:45: In the dealer room.

12-1: All About RAWR. I and Alkani will talk about the residential furry writing retreat we helped found and continue to run. If you have questions or just want to hear what happens at a writing retreat, come on by!

After lunch – 6: Back in the dealer room, probably.

8-9: Submit and Publish. Teiran and Fugue and I will discuss submitting to furry and other publications and how to give yourself the best chance of getting published.


10-11:30: Fantasy Writing. Jaden Drackus, Kristina Tracer, and I will talk about the fantastic worlds of fantasy, what fantasy is about and why we love it.

After lunch – 2: In the dealer room to sign all your books before you fly home. Get some reading material for the flight!

Hope to see you lovely people there!

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