Waterways E-Book Updated

Hey everyone, sorry that took so long, but I’ve just sent the updated Waterways e-book (which includes the new stories and illos) to Bad Dog Books, Amazon, Google, iBooks, Kobo, and NOOK. It’s listed just as Waterways, not as a new book or anything, so by the weekend you should be able to request an updated version from wherever you bought it from, which is a process you should figure out with whomever that is. I am terrible at tech support for e-book retailers so I will not be able to tell you how to do this for your version.

Thanks for your patience and enjoy the updates!

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2 Responses to Waterways E-Book Updated

  1. Will says:

    I have the book on amazon and it doesn’t seem to be updated. According to amazon by default updates aren’t provided to those who have already purchased the book. Are you sure you pushed the update to all owners?