Award Eligibility Post For 2017

Hey, since people are posting “things I wrote this year” for award purposes, here’s my list. No novellas this year! I realized that I didn’t get a Cupcake out, but that’s okay, I have one planned for next year.


Love Match vol. 1 (January, FurPlanet) – My Patreon patrons have been watching this story unfold for years and it’s fun to see everyone else discovering it.

Camouflage (December, FurPlanet) – Originally drafted on this blog several years ago, finally edited and published. I really loved researching the 1500s and building the world of this story, and it’s such a thrill to see it in print with some beautiful illustrations by Rukis. I think this book has one of my favorite endings of anything I’ve written–not just the last few paragraphs but the last few chapters.

under the name Tim Susman:

The Tower and the Fox (July, Argyll Productions) – Really excited about this one. After seven years of planning and writing and rewriting, I finally got the Calatians series launched. The second book is written and ready and the third is plotted, and I can’t wait to get them out. Laura Garabedian’s art is just perfect for it, too.


Short stories:

“Personal History,” in ROAR vol. 8 (FurPlanet, July) – Love this story. It’s one of those stories whose last thread came together as I was prepping it for submission and I’m happy I took exactly as much time as needed to get it finished.

“Who Walks With Monsters,” in Arcana (Thurston Howl, November) – Backstory from the world of “Unfinished Business,” my story in Heat 12.

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