Waterways 10th Anniversary Edition

Hey, since I recently mentioned having finished a new story about Kory and Samaki, I thought I’d make a more or less official announcement about the upcoming re-release of Waterways at MFF.

Waterways originally came out in January of 2008 and we thought it would be nice to celebrate the tenth anniversary with a hardcover edition, since it remains pretty popular and it’s never had a hardcover release. So since we were spiffing up the outside, I thought I’d like to spiff up the inside as well. The prose is over ten years old and there are definitely places where I could clean it up. Don’t worry, I’m not changing the story or any of your favorite lines.

We didn’t want to just release the same story with the same art in hardcover, so I’ll be adding two new stories–well, one that I wrote for my Patreon a couple years ago and one brand new one. The Patreon one is called “Turbulence” and follows Kory’s brother Nick after Kory goes off to college. The brand new one (which I was tweeting about) follows Kory and Samaki as they face some of the challenges of moving to college and learning more about each other. Both of these are short stories (10K and 6K words respectively), and John Nunnemacher has agreed to draw an illo for “Turbulence” to be included in this edition.

The book is being published by Sofawolf and will be available on their site after MFF, and at future conventions (though they tend to bring limited numbers of hardcovers to cons, so get there early if you want one after MFF). We haven’t discussed whether to update the paperback yet or not, but I’ll update the e-book sometime in December or January to include the new text, stories, and art. I don’t have plans right now to produce a new audiobook.

Anyway, hope you guys will all enjoy the nice new hardcover edition and the new stories and illo! I’ll be there at MFF for the release to sign copies for you guys, and also at FC in January.

(And btw, Camouflage is also coming out at MFF, from Argyll Productions/FurPlanet. More about that later.)

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