Tower and the Fox at AC! (also ROAR 8)

If you are heading to AnthroCon this weekend, have a great time! You will not see me there, but you can purchase my newest novel, The Tower and the Fox, with Laura Garabedian’s lovely artwork (she will also be at AC; go say hi to her and get her to sign your book!) from the FurPlanet table. And while you’re there, check out ROAR 8, which has a story of mine in it (“Personal History”) that I’m quite proud of, which is in fact the¬†story illustrated on the cover by BlackTeagan.

If you’re NOT heading to AnthroCon, you can still get in on the book action. The link above goes to FurPlanet; you can also pre-order it RIGHT NOW on Amazon. Regardless of where you get it, leaving a review on Amazon is super helpful, especially to this first-in-a-series book under a different¬†name. The more notice it gets, the more we’ll be able to build on that for the next one.

Thank you guys for checking the books out, and have a great AC! I’ll make it back one of these years.

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