“Twelve Sides” Paperback Available!

Last year I published an e-book only collection of the short stories I wrote for my Patreon, called “Twelve Sides.” This year I decided to try out Amazon’s new print program with that book. So if you want a print copy of “Twelve Sides,” you can get it at Amazon now! This is the first time I’ve done this so I’m interested to hear about the quality of the books. And if you’d like to get them signed, you have time to order them before coming to TFF and seeing me there. :)

Also, international folks! I’m curious how the shipping works for you, like, is Amazon printing these locally, are they available in all the countries, etc. Especially if you’re coming to FurDU…

As with¬†the e-book on sale at Amazon, I did not include all six of the illos in the original e-book (on sale at baddogbooks.com and other furry sites). The major retailer e-books have two illos; the print version has three, because I decided to add back in one that isn’t quite as explicit. Hopefully¬†it’ll be okay.

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