Love Match Comes Out Next Week!

It was just over two years ago that I announced I’d be working on a new novel (and Rukis of course told me at once that it was going to be a series) and that I’d be making the WIP available on Patreon. Well, Patreon wasn’t for everyone, and for those of you who opted to wait, good news! Your wait is over.

Love Match (vol. 1, 2008-2010) will be published next week from FurPlanet Press, available at their table at Further Confusion and on their website. It’s the story of Rocky, a fourteen-year-old jackal arriving in the States on a tennis scholarship to learn to be a professional tennis player. Of course, tennis isn’t all that happens to him: he has a girlfriend and a boyfriend (not at the same time) and lots of other (mis)adventures on his way through school–not to mention worrying about his sister, left behind in Africa until he can make enough money to bring her over.

Rocky’s story takes place in the Forester Universe and in fact, fans of OOP will spot a tie-in rather easily. There are right now projected to be three volumes in the series and each will be lavishly illustrated by Rukis thanks to the generous folks who subscribed to the Patreon. If I had to guess, I’d say the second volume will come out in 2018 sometime, and the third probably not until 2020.

(Wow. 2020.)

The e-book will come out on Bad Dog Books in February, on other platforms in March. There are no current plans for audiobooks but I will be investigating them as the series moves along.

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