New Book: The Time He Desires

FurPlanet already has it up on their site, but here’s the announcement for the new Cupcake:

The Time He Desires is a story about a Muslim cheetah in his mid-to-late forties faced with changes in his life: His neighborhood is being sold to developers and his marriage is fading amid tensions over whether he and his wife should sell their store, on top of older, buried issues. The catalyst that stirs him to action is a videotape, pawned in his shop by a cougar whose marriage is also in trouble. Aziz seeks solace from his own life in attempting to help this same-sex couple, and in the process finds more than he’d bargained for.

I wrote this book in part as a response to the wave of Islamophobia in this country, never dreaming at the time that it would crest as it has now. I imagine that most of my readers are sympathetic to a persecuted minority population, but if there are any who are unsure about it, I hope that Aziz will be relatable as a person who happens to be of the Muslim faith, and that through that relation you may feel more comfortable in the similarities we all share.

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