Want a Signed Book From Me This Year?

You’ve got two¬†choices:

  • Come to Gaylaxicon or Midwest Furfest and find me at the Sofawolf/FurPlanet table.
  • Order from Sofawolf before October 9th! If you want it dedicated, put the dedication in the notes (something like “please make it out to Stormwind Darkwolf,” substituting your name, of course). Please see the Sofawolf post for full details.

A couple notes:

The new book for MFF, “The Time He Desires,” is a FurPlanet Cupcake and won’t be available from Sofawolf, so I’ll be splitting time between the two tables.

I’ll also be at a bunch of panels for MFF. I generally don’t sign books right after panels because we have to clear the room for the next panel, but if you follow me back to the dealer’s room after a panel I’ll sign the books then. :)

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