Stories On Sale (and Soon To Be)

So I got the news this morning that my submission to the upcoming anthology “Gods With Fur” was accepted. You’ll be able to get that anthology at AC this year (though I will not be there to sign it, sadly).

And Black Angel (third book in the Dangerous Spirits series) and Twelve Sides (collection of my Patreon side stories) will be up on the major e-book retailers in a day or two, barring another month-long argument about images. To that point, I’ve removed most of the explicit images from Twelve Sides because there were a lot of them. You can get all the images in the versions for sale at the¬†furry-run stores Bad Dog Books, Rabbit Valley, and Jaffa Books, but the bigger stores have been more fussy about explicit images lately (if you don’t like that, you can complain to them).

Thanks again guys for all the support, and enjoy the new books (and the story when it comes out).

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