If You’d Told Me…

There are so many things in my life now that I never would have believed if someone had told me years ago. They range from the life-changing (“you’re making a living with your writing”) to the silly (“sometimes you give people money to draw you as an anthropomorphic fox having sex, and this is a thing a lot of people do, actually”), and, depending on how far back you go, to the fundamental (“you’re gay”).

I guess the lesson is that if you’re looking ahead to the future and thinking “I’ll never be able to do X,” or if someone offers you a chance to do something, but you think “that’s not really me” before you’ve even tried it…don’t shut yourself off from possibilities. It may not be true, strictly speaking, that anything can happen. But a lot more can happen in your life than you can imagine now.

Hm. Someone should write a song about that…

(This was a little too long for a tweet, so…you get a blog post.)

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