Finished Over Time? Want more?

Some of you may know about my Patreon where I’m serializing Love Match, a story about a jackal from Africa who comes to the U.S. at 14 to learn to play tennis and ends up discovering that he’s gay (because of course) and dealing with all the pitfalls of being a professional tennis player.

There is also a higher tier (starting at $20/month) where you get an extra bonus story each month. For 2016, what I’ve decided to do is serialize the book that’s previewed at the end of Over Time (please don’t mention what it’s about on a public forum as that is a minor spoiler for Over Time). So if you want to see more before the book is released (probably sometime in 2017 if I had to guesstimate but who knows, honestly? I have three other book projects I’m working on this year), sign up anytime in February and you will get mailed an installment each month.

Also, Love Match has illustrations by Rukis and you’ll get to read that as well!

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