Updated Waterways E-book

After all these years, I finally updated the Waterways e-book. I’ve licensed the illustrations by John Nunnemacher so those are now included, and I’ve separated the book into more manageable chapters that match the audiobook chapters. I’ve also gone through and re-checked all the formatting, so it should be cleaner than it’s ever been. And as a bonus, I added a preview chapter of “Green Fairy” to the end, so if you haven’t tried that book you can get a free peek at it.

It’s on iTunes, Kindle, Kobo, NOOK, Google Play, and Bad Dog Books for now. If you already own it, check the policy of the store where you bought it for how to download your updated version. I don’t know the policies, so I won’t be able to help you. If you find that one of the stores isn’t featuring the updated version yet, though, please do let me know so I can try to correct that ASAP.

ETA: Bad Dog Books has posted a blog with their update policy.

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