LMR E-book coming next week to major stores

Hey guys,

Slight delay in the LMR e-book release to Amazon, iTunes, Google, etc. (It is of course already on baddogbooks.com and you can buy it there). I’m going through final proofing and assembly on Over Time and I need to crank that out, so I’m putting the e-book upload on hold ’til that’s done. Considering you can already buy it (on baddogbooks.com), I’m hoping that’s not a big deal. And thanks to all of you who’ve read it and said nice things on Twitter and elsewhere! Really appreciated. :)

I’ll update Over Time pre-order status and release party info sometime soon. It looks like we’ll be on for Thursday night from 7-9 at FC, so block that time off. I’ll be there, as will the artists (hopefully) and if you pre-0rder you can pick up your book there. Not sure if you’ll be able to buy it at the party (business license rules), but if not you can get it in the dealer’s room Friday for sure. We’re hoping to do a couple contests, maybe costume or trivia, so brush up on the books and come as your favorite character!


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2 Responses to LMR E-book coming next week to major stores

  1. Mahingan says:

    Oh man Ive just read LMR in one go, yet another valuable book from you. It shows yet again in which directions life can go, what obstacles can be put in your way and in which ways you could get out of them. And in the end, the fog which we call life clears up just a little bit, so we see a chance, a direction.

    Thats what i love when reading your books, you leave just enough space at the end to give our imagination a push forward in thinking positively about the ending of the story – even if the ending itself may not be as positive as we’d like it to be.