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LMR E-book coming next week to major stores

Hey guys, Slight delay in the LMR e-book release to Amazon, iTunes, Google, etc. (It is of course already on and you can buy it there). I’m going through final proofing and assembly on Over Time and I need … Continue reading

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Podcast This Weekend!

No, not Unsheathed… I’m going to be a guest on the South Afrifur podcast. They have written a lovely flattering write-up on me here: which I link because it has links for the time and place to listen to … Continue reading

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Firebirds Jerseys On Sale!

If you have read this month’s mailing list entry, you know this already. For everyone else: Finally, after a year and change, I’ve managed to get the Firebirds jerseys on sale. For now they are only the home red jersey, … Continue reading

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