RAWR: A Furry Workshop

So you might have heard about this workshop being offered next January, the Regional Anthropomorphic Writers’ Retreat. I’m leading the instruction for it, and I’m really excited. I’ve been to a couple residential workshops for fantasy and science fiction, and I think it’s past time we had one for furry writers.

I led a workshop at Further Confusion last year, albeit an abridged one–two hour-and-a-half panels. It went well, and I’m looking forward to having a couple more people for five full days this time. Of course, this is made possible because there are a bunch of other people working to get the infrastructure right, volunteering space and time and other resources to make sure this’ll go off successfully.

This is only the first; we have plans to keep going, maybe add a couple more regions. I won’t be involved in all of them by any means, but I like the idea enough to keep being an instructor for as long as I can/they want me to. So if you don’t get in this year or can’t afford it this year, set your calendar for next year and keep trying. Workshops have been a really valuable part of my development as a writer and of the community I’ve joined, and I’m really excited to see how this workshop can help some of the writers in our furry community.

Keep an eye on them on Twitter, even if you’re not planning to go. This should be a fun thing to watch.

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