September Schedule

Well. Two months of travel are over, with very little on the horizon–I have RainFurrest on the schedule, and possibly a trip to NYC with Kit, but that’s it for the year–and I’m back home. So what do I do for September? Well, the big tasks look like this:

* Edit Hot Dish story.

* Write Patreon short story.

* Edit Over Time.

* Edit Black Angel.

More or less in that order, sorted by deadline (Black Angel does not have to be done in September but the others kind of do). Of course I am always writing Love Match and also working on that novel I will be able to tell you about once you’ve all read Over Time, and sending various manuscripts of mine around to various places to see if various people want to publish them, and fixing e-books and my website, and all that other bidness stuff writers do.

Thanks, by the way, to all you guys who ordered from Sofawolf in August. I have signed your books and they are on their way to you!

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