A Decade of Writing



Volle came out in January of 2005, and this is a little late, but I was thinking today about what’s happened in the ten years since then. The above is a nice summary of my productivity during that time, though not an exhaustive list–there are things I’ve published under my other name, and short stories published that aren’t represented here (I’m in at least one other FANG), not to mention over¬†a dozen conbooks (seven years of TFF; three years of RF; EF and Furry Migration 2014; ConFuzzled 2013;¬†Gaylaxicon and Oklacon 2012; Camp Feral 2009, probably more I’m forgetting about–I really should compile them all into a collection sometime) and the online novel “Camouflage.” But this shelf isn’t all that shabby, and looking over it, there’s nothing I’m not proud of still.

Now to get back to work on the next ten years…

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