Over Time Update

A few of you have noticed (one person asked me about this at Furry Fiesta) that the artist formerly known as Blotch is no longer producing artwork, and you may be wondering what this means for Over Time, the fifth book in the Blotch-illustrated Out of Position series, due to appear in your paws in January 2016 (release at FC). Well, I’ve recently settled that, so I can share it with you.

BlackTeagan and Kenket, the collaborators of Blotch, are producing their own works now (they are on FA under those names and you should go follow them individually because they are both doing some awesome stuff). While BlackTeagan’s schedule doesn’t allow for illustration work as much (being as how it includes a lot of project management stuff), Kenket is happy to lend her painting skills to OT. Joining her in collaboration will be an artist who has demonstrated her love of the tiger and fox several times in the past (NSFW example), the talented Rukis.

I’m delighted to be working with Rukis, and with Kenket painting, I think the look of the books will be different, but familiar. The slight complication this brings is that Rukis and I are already collaborating on two projects: Black Angel, the third Dangerous Spirits book, and my Patreon novel Love Match. Besides this, Rukis has her own projects to worry about: her novels and her comic Red Lantern. So it seems likely that something will slip, and as of right now we are tentatively projecting that Black Angel will slip to early 2016 rather than late 2015. This isn’t all bad–Furry Fiesta’s theme next year is Bayou Nights, and, well, that’d work perfectly for Black Angel.

Also, I’ve just finished my first revision on Over Time and it is ready to go out to beta readers, while Black Angel sits next in my queue. OT has always been my priority and I am firmly committed to hitting that Further Confusion release date.

(Oh yeah. I finished a revision on Over Time. It’s like 132,000 words.)

So that’s where things stand. I am still firmly planning to get a Cupcake out this year if nothing else, but it might end up that 2015 only sees one book of mine, after four in 2014. But hey, then 2016 will be back to three.

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