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Over Time Update

A few of you have noticed (one person asked me about this at Furry Fiesta) that the artist formerly known as Blotch is no longer producing artwork, and you may be wondering what this means for Over Time, the fifth … Continue reading

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Birdman and the Oscar

I’ve seen a lot of discussion about the Best Picture Oscar win for Birdman, and my friend Jakebe wrote a lovely and impassioned argument for Boyhood as Best Picture. And Lance Mannion points out that if you’re worried about a … Continue reading

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Audiobook Updates

Seems I do this every so often, so here goes: * Divisions is still in limbo because ACX doesn’t like how it was recorded. We are trying to figure this out so we can post the damn thing already. … Continue reading

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Furry Fiesta Schedule!

Hey all! Tomorrow I will be making my way to Dallas for my seventh Texas Furry Fiesta, which I’m really excited about. It’s a great convention and I always have a blast there. As usual, I will be doing a … Continue reading

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New Story!

It is mostly just a little porny vignette, so adults only! I have posted it on SoFurry and on FurAffinity¬†(reg required). With all the Big Serious Novel editing I’ve been doing, it was nice to get a break and do … Continue reading

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Coming Around Again

Another Groundhog Day, another February, another year. Right now I am trying to push through revisions on Over Time so that I can get it to Kit before he leaves on a long trip, and other things (including the newsletter) … Continue reading

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