And Yes, Furries Are People

John Scalzi saying smart things about groups of people. He’s talking about atheists, but you could put any group in there (including “furries”) and it still generally works. Excerpt:

“I think internalizing the fact that no opinion/belief/enthusiasm inoculates either you or anyone else from the baser aspects of the human condition, or the larger social milieu in which we all exist, is probably a very smart thing to do. It helps manage the disappointment when the cool new group you find yourself with is eventually revealed to be full of flawed and fallible human beings, and it helps to free you from the initial desire to rationalize shitty behavior within a group merely for the sake of identity politics. And on the rare occasions when everyone in the group is actually good and decent, it allows you to appreciate just how nice that really is.”

I will just say that while the above is true (and we have all seen shitty behavior tolerated in the fandom), the last sentence is particularly true of the fandom. For whatever reason, the furries I meet are generally terrific people. There’s drama, sure, and people can get bent out of shape and angry and over-passionate, but you guys are pretty awesome in general. That’s why I’ve been sticking around for twenty-odd years and hope to stick around for many more.

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2 Responses to And Yes, Furries Are People

  1. Jaye Dee Swimming Otter says:

    Thank you. It’s nice to know we’re appreciated back by the same people we appreciate.

  2. Feli says:

    First, glad to see that Scalzi meets with your approval as well. I find that he is rather on the ball with many of the things he comes out with.
    That said, I agree with you completely. It is one of the reasons that I continue to run a convention. It isn’t for the detractors, or even despite them, but it is because of the general awesomeness of the fandom – of the people – that makes it worthwhile.