RainFurrest Schedule

If you’re going to RainFurrest–and if not, why not?–here is the approximate schedule of where you can find me there. Well, it’s more when you can find me; check the RainFurrest schedule for room locations.


6 pm – Opening Ceremonies.

9 pm – RainFurrest Anthology book launch. I have a story in it!

10 pm – Writing Competition: Day One. If you’re planning on competing in the writing competition this year, this is where to start!


12 noon – So You Want To Write A Novel. We talk about what goes into writing a novel.

1 pm – Writing Competition: Day Two. Time permitting, I may be around for questions and so on. Or I might just tell you to come find me in the dealer’s room.

5 pm – GOH Dinner. Nom!

8 pm – The Squick Factor: Dealing with Taboo Topics. I did one of these panels at AnthroCon and it went very well. What are the things we’re afraid to write about, and why? Can those topics be handled sensitively?

10 pm – Unsheathed! Come back to the con where our live shows started. Special guest Fuzzwolf and I talk about cyberpunk and whatever else comes to mind.


11 am – Guest of Honor Reading and Q&A. I will read from an upcoming not-yet-published work and answer your questions about things!

3 pm – Writing Competition: Turn in. Pencils down!

4 pm – Writing Historical Fiction. I have been doing a lot of historical fiction research with the Dangerous Spirits series and “Camouflage.” My co-panelists and I will talk about our research and take questions.

9 pm – Book Launch: Dude, Where’s My Fox? Yay! The official launch, Saturday night, MAY include a reading from the book if everyone present is adult. There will be snacks and a short speech and I’ll be around to talk about the new book and stuff.


5 pm – Closing Ceremonies.

As usual, I will be in the dealer’s room when not at panels, probably between the FurPlanet and Sofawolf tables signing books. Bring books, buy books, or just come to say hi!


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