Furry Migration Schedule

Here are the places you can find me at Furry Migration next weekend. When I’m not at a panel I will likely be chilling at the Sofawolf table where I will sign books (you can also bring books you already own!).

Friday 12:30pm     Main Stage     Opening Ceremonies     Time to launch this years Migration, get introduced to this years guests of honor, and last minute announcements.
Friday 02:00pm     Main Stage     GoH Meet & Greet     Meet and greet the Guests of Honor.
Friday 05:00pm     Pawnee     Before Page One – Creating a Character     Perhaps you’ve got a great world already written… let’s populate it with characters! … Let’s make sure they are unique enough, right?
Friday 08:00pm     Shoshone     Gay Furry     Why is the percentage of queers in Furry so high?  Are Furries more open and honest with themselves? Or does the fandom draw queer people in? Are some straight people scared away? To what extent should the furry fandom care about public perception? Some?  Not at all?
Saturday 03:30pm     Pawnee     Before Page One – World Building Your Story     You may have a great idea for some characters for a new comic or novel, but what good are they without a world to exist in? Save yourself some of the headache of continuity by planning some things ahead.
Sunday 11:00am     Shoshone     Project Management Made Me A Better Novelist     Writing WAS my hobby until a few years ago, but a lot of my work in the tech industry as a project manager really did influence how I go about both writing itself and managing the business of writing.
Sunday 12:30pm     Main Stage     Closing ceremonies     Time to wrap it up, hear all about contest winners, and announcements for next years Migration!

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