Furry Migration Coming Up!

As part of the “Kyell Never Sleeps” summer of 2014, I will be leaving in eight days for the lovely northern prairies of Minnesota. Well, specifically the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, where a first-year convention called “Furry Migration” is taking place. I am thrilled to be a Guest of Honor for the very first con, as I know several of the con staff and am sure they’re doing a lovely job–at least, what I’ve seen has been very organized and professional. It’s a nice time to be up in Minnesota as the mosquitoes are all packing up for the winter but the frost giants haven’t returned from the south yet. So if you’re in the area, come join me! I will be doing a reading, a panel on how gay the furry fandom is (spoiler: very), and some other writing panels. Also I will likely be hanging out in public spaces a lot or signing books at the Sofawolf table–the Sofawolf guys are also Guests of Honor, our second gig together in a month.

The fun starts next Friday, the 12th, so come by and join us!

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