Camouflage Tour

So one of the things I’m excited about in my upcoming European trip is the chance to spend a day and a half in Lyon, the French city that my Forester Universe Tigue is based on. I’ve never been there–I did the descriptions in Camouflage based on Wikipedia and YouTube and Flickr–and I’ve read so much about it that I can’t wait to go see the places I’ve written about.

What I am going to try to do is take pictures and tweet them with references to the story. There are places like churches and the University, the river and the bridges, that are definitely real (Padrenard, sadly, is not), and you will be able to see as I do how good a job I did describing them. So if you haven’t read “Camouflage” but you’d like to follow along the tour, you have about three weeks to read the story.

(I will not have phone service in Europe, so the tweets will likely be bunched around when I get Wi-Fi. Also I will try to Storify them, but I have never used a service like that so recommendations are welcome.)

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