Another New Story!

I know I’ve been talking a lot about “Uncovered,” and I am really excited about it, but there’s another story I’m actually quite excited about, too. It’s coming out in Heat #11, also at AnthroCon, and if you want to pre-order “Uncovered,” you can pre-order Heat along with it! I won’t give too much away about the story, but the basic premise is: “What if a clever, scheming coyote was sent to a retreat designed to get rid of his undesirable gay desires–with magic?”

More reasons you should buy Heat: first of all, the story is illustrated by Coyox. I mean… holy cow. I’ve worked with a lot of talented artists, and have been excited every time at what the artist can bring to the project. When I first ran across Coyox’s art, it was different (in a good way) from most of the art associated with my stories, and I found myself thinking, “Good God, what could I possibly write to get this guy to illustrate it?” Turns out BlackTeagan worked that particular magic on her own. I’m thrilled to have those pictures bringing my story to life.

Secondly, just take a look at the freaking lineup in this magazine. Whyte Yote, Huskyteer, Dark End, BlackTeagan, Sophie Cabra, Etuix (whom I just met at VancouFur this year; I have been utterly charmed by her art), Camron Cuccu, Tempe O’Kun… not to mention additional art by Donryu and Kamui and a cover by Blotch! I am really excited to get my paws on a copy!

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