“Uncovered” Pre-Order!

If you have been waiting (and I know many of you have been), then listen up! Sofawolf will open pre-orders of the fourth Dev and Lee book, “Uncovered,” on Tuesday, June 17 at 5 pm Central time.

You can order hardcover or softcover, for pickup at Anthrocon or mailing out after con, and all pre-orders will be signed by me! Hardcovers will also be numbered in the order received, so the sooner you order, the lower your number. Sofawolf has not in the past allowed requests for specific numbers, and I don’t expect that to change. As for whether the book will be at future cons, check my FAQ for how to find that out.

Any other questions, keep an eye on the Sofawolf blog! I am traveling today so will be largely out of touch until I get home, and then I will be busy tonight reuniting with my wolf whom I have not seen in sixteen days.

I’ll post another reminder tomorrow, but set your alarms! :)

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