OOP Shipping

Some of my friends have told me about pairings they would like to see in the OOP universe that are not currently in the stories. And then occasionally I get one out of left field (you know who you are ;). So I’m curious: how many of you out there imagine character relationships that aren’t in the book, and what are they? It can be just a hot one-night stand, or two characters you think are perfect for each other…

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2 Responses to OOP Shipping

  1. Niko says:

    Hmm well i want Colin to turn out to be gay (lets face it he has been an ass in the first three and devs Diva blew someone and no way it was charm XD)
    I feel for brian (dont like him) but i dont want him to be alone….he cant have Korey XD idk if him and Samaki are still together (took me forever to realise it was his mom in te third book) …….im rambling xD

  2. Fennec says:

    Ha, well. I’d always wanted to see Dev and Lee invite another, like in Bridges. But I think perhaps it doesn’t really suit the relationship-y tone of the series. I’d just find it interesting to read about how Dev and Lee both react to it, and which roles they take within the scenario. It’d be great to read about them inviting Amir or Grace over for some sticky fun.

    But certainly Colin. Perhaps Colin and Brian? Colin has been brought up in a way that makes him religiously anti-gay. Brian is vehemently pro-gay. Perhaps when they clash, they fall in love? I don’t think Colin deserves any action until he changes his ways, though!

    There’s a few more I’d like add, but I’ll have to browse through the books again to remember their names! I’ve been meaning to re-read them all again, but I’m trying to time it for the next one, so that I come out fresh on the first three.