Novel Progress

So I’m at that point in OOP#5 where the novel is boring and WHY AM I EVEN WRITING THIS and the good news is that at this point that is more a roadmark than a roadblock, kind of like passing the grim and fragrant stockyards of Harris Ranch on the way to or from SoCal. Yes, it’s depressing, but don’t give up hope.

(Although I did give up beef. But not because of Harris Ranch. But that did nothing to make me reconsider.)\

Anyway, that point has happened in just about every novel I’ve written, not counting “Uncovered” I guess because that was the second part of a ginormous novel and I was already past that point when I started writing what would become “Uncovered.” But seriously, when you reach that point, the most important thing is not to pull over to the side of the road and cry, but keep going. You’re making progress and you’ll be done soon.

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