Another First

Derrick Gordon, a guard at the University of Massachusetts, came out today as the first openly gay basketball player in college’s Division I (that’s the best division). Read the article and look at the picture and try not to get a little choked up.

The story is becoming familiar: athlete comes out to supportive coach and team, then to the world. It’s not surprising that the young are leading the way on this one: they are way more happy with who they are, more likely to question “the way it’s always been done.” They will go into the professional leagues with their future teammates and coaches knowing who they are, with no questions about them and, as Gordon says on Instagram, “No more HIDING!!!”

Go look at that smile again. It made my day.

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One Response to Another First

  1. Ryan says:

    It’s always great hearing about these. I’m really glad for Derrick, so much so that I’m making it my goal to watch every nationally-televised UMass game next season. Hopefully they will do well, as I would hate to see him discriminated against after a subpar senior year.

    What’s bugging me are all of these bigots on sports sites complementing one another on their hate speech. Not only that, but I’m also seeing many “supporters” of equal rights claiming that we shouldn’t make a big deal out of gay players coming out when a) one’s sexuality shouldn’t matter while playing sports (which I can ultimately agree with, but still, it’s something that needs to be addressed at this point in time), and b) it’s not worth covering when someone has already done it. Yeah, you know, all THREE of them: a college football player, a college basketball player, and a professional basketball player. Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure that there are more than three active gay players out there.