Waterways e-book updated

[EDIT: Waterways and Giles are both live on Google now.]

I fixed the ellipses issue and then stared at the ugly straight quotes all through the book and thought “I can fix that maybe.” So I spent hours last night changing the straight quotes to curly all through both Kindle and epub versions and also found a couple places where the paragraph breaks were STILL wonky and the table of contents wasn’t consistent (“Aquifers” and “STREAMS”) and then had to fix all the SINGLE quotes which is harder than the double quotes (because you have to fix not only “I’m” but also ” ’til” and “words ‘quoted’ inside double quotes).

ANYWAY it is on Kindle now and also on NOOK and maybe on Google–I uploaded it there but who knows when they’ll replace it. It is NOT on Kobo because they would not upload the file (?) and it is not on iTunes because (as previously Tweeted) iTunes broke their latest release of Producer so badly that it will not even let me start posting anything before it just hangs. Good if you like the rainbow spinning wheel; bad if you like accomplishing things.

Maybe I’ll put it on Smashwords too, if they allow me to upload ePubs now.

Oh, and “The Mysterious Affair of Giles” is up on all those sites except (of course) iTunes now. If you’ve liked it and feel like telling people about it, reviews are very helpful. :)

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