But First I’m Going To Seattle Like This Weekend

It’s Emerald City Comic-Con time! Tomorrow I’m heading to Seattle to camp out in the Washington State Convention Center with the Sofawolf booth in the dealer’s room of Emerald City Comic-Con for the sixth? straight year. We’re #2715, down in the level 3 annex of the dealer’s room–make a U-turn at the bottom of the escalator and go back to the back wall and then the far corner and you should see us. We will have illustrious furry artists and the Room Party game and a small selection of my books and a bunch of comics, including the award-winning Digger and the brand-new Peachy Keen 2 and of course, Red Lantern and Nordguard (only volume 1 of each, unfortunately).

Come by and say hi! I will sign things if you bring them or if you buy them!

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