Fourth Dev and Lee book title

Since I am working on finalish edits to the OOP4 manuscript this week and next, it seems like an appropriate time to reveal the title. At this stage it is still a working title; that is, it hasn’t gone to the printer yet and so there is still the possibility that it will change if I get stunned with a better title. But for the moment it has withstood all other challengers.

So here you go. Book four in Dev and Lee’s story will be titled, “Uncovered.”

Obligatory repeated information: “Uncovered” will be out at Anthrocon on July 4 weekend and probably for sale electronically at in August and on Amazon/NOOK/Google/iTunes in September. There will be a fifth book that concludes this story arc for the two characters, tentatively due out in January 2016 (probably at Further Confusion that year). Hardcover/pricing/preorder stuff are all up to Sofawolf, but I have no reason to expect anything different from previous books.

I had a great time during the stream on Friday, apart from the technical issues, and Blotch and I will probably do it again this week sometime. Keep your eyes on our Twitter feeds for specific times. We may not do it with Skype this time because Skype sucks, but I’ll at least be in the chat.

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