It’s Thanksgiving here, technically, and like everyone else in the world I have some things I’m thankful for(*).

* It’s not a bad thing, this parade of gratitude across the Intertubes, but I know it can get a little wearying.

My list, of course, begins and ends with Kit, my husband, who has been support, inspiration, companionship, adventure, love, and so much more in my life. Whenever you guys thank me for my stories, you should include him as well, because without him, I don’t know how those stories could exist.

I’m also thankful this year for the people across the country who are coming to the realization that two people getting married, even if they happen to be of the same gender, is not a threat to Western civilization. New Jersey, Hawaii, Illinois…there are now more states than we can count on both hands were Kit and I are recognized as a married couple (including Oregon, where the residents can’t get married, but where they are recognized if they’re married elsewhere).

And I’m deeply grateful to all of you. For talking about the books and stories, for spending your money (which I know is in short supply for many of you), for chatting on Twitter and coming to my panels at conventions and showing up for impromptu LiveStreams. You make it not only possible but enjoyable to live this writer’s life, which has been a dream of mine, and I try to remember always that I owe you for it. Thank you all.

Now go have a happy Thanksgiving, or a happy Thursday if you don’t celebrate it, and I’ll do the same. <3

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