Where to buy Red Devil

Yes, Red Devil has a preview listing on Amazon now. This is mostly so that I can get the audiobook registered with ACX and production started on that as soon as the text is final (this week! yay!). But the cool thing is you can see a small version of the cover, and you can see the blurb text for it!

You’ll note the date on Amazon is February 1, 2014. If you are attending Further Confusion (January 16-20, 2014–just two months away!), you will be able to get the book there. Once the Sofawolf guys get home from FC, it will be available on their website, and after they have finished shipping all those orders, then I imagine they will send some stock out to Amazon, and then Amazon can fulfill orders. So you’ll get the book anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks sooner through Sofawolf.

I point this out ’cause a bunch of people excitedly pre-ordered Divisions when Amazon listed it and then had to wait while everyone who ordered from Sofawolf or went to FC got their copies. So forewarned is half an octopus, or whatever. For reasons I have detailed elsewhere, it benefits me more if people buy direct from the publisher (Sofawolf in this case, FurPlanet for “The Mysterious Affair of Giles,” coming in February at Furry Fiesta), both directly (I get more money) and indirectly (my publisher gets more money and is more inclined to publish more of my books), but I know that’s a lot harder for some folks. Anyway, there you go.

The e-book version will be out sometime in the first half of the year. I will work on negotiating that once the print version is done. The audiobook will be done when it’s done, but the narrator wants to get working on it quickly, so I’m hopeful it’ll be available soon after the print release.

I’ve updated my publication dates page with the relevant info.

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