Self-Published Erotica Being Removed From Online Stores

Hey, I just got wind of this today and found a pretty good summary of what’s been going on that you can read if you’re interested. Short version: some people in England complained about rape stories being sold on W.H. Smith’s Kobo store; WHS took down their entire e-book store, while other retailers are doing all sorts of things from nothing (Apple) to removing all self-pubbed books with certain keywords (Amazon) to removing all self-pubbed books (Kobo UK).

The above link also leads you to petitions you can sign, and other actions you can take. For the moment, I think my books are okay, and of course you know you will always be able to buy them at :) But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t speak up now. For my part, I have very little interest in any human erotica, much less the kind these guys are targeting, but you know how many steps it is from these stories to the kind I write? Yeah, like a little shuffle to the side. So speak up now and let’s let the major retailers know that there are a lot more people who support freedom of expression, even with books we don’t necessarily want to read, than there are whiny people who can’t just skip past a listing in an e-book store.

(Selena does accurately point out that the retailers need more parental controls, something I agree with, but that’s not the issue. This is like, oh, I don’t know, shutting down an entire government over a single law they don’t like.)

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