Coming Back From RainFurrest

RainFurrest was, as always, a terrific time. The weather did not cooperate as much this year as it has in years past, but indoors, everything seemed to go pretty well (apart from one offsite unfortunate event that happened to a friend of mine, but that’s not the con’s fault).

I’m on my way back to the Bay today, driving through rainstorms with a motley crew, so replies to notes and e-mails and whatnot will likely come later on in the week as I get caught up. But I wanted to highlight a couple cool things from the weekend.

First off, thanks to the RainFurrest staff for all the work they did to put on a good con, and especially the writing track leads, Hunter and Sterling. I think the writing track this year was the best I’ve seen. I enjoyed all my panels and they were a lot of different discussions than the instructional panels I often do at conventions. I talked about historical fiction, young adult fiction, and editing anthologies, among other things. Sterling and I geeked out about Russian history, which was awesome, and I got to do an Unsheathed with none of my original team but me–but B-Hop filled in as engineer and guest, and Not Tube made a fine co-host, and the podcast went off very well, I thought. We even continued our tradition of getting art for it.

Second, thanks to all who came to the panels and came by the table to buy books. Sofawolf sold out of Ryan Campbell’s new book, “God of Clay,” and the OOP books sold very well. Rukis provided me an early look at the cover for “Red Devil,” the sequel to “Green Fairy” which is coming in January, and I had it out at the table for people to see. Lots of people said nice things about “Green Fairy,” which made me very happy, and I am hopeful that all you guys will like “Red Devil” as well when it comes out.

Oh, and RainFurrest has invited me to attend next year’s convention as the Writing Guest of Honor, and I’ve accepted. I’ll be working with the convention and with the Artist GOH, Egypt Urnash, to put on a terrific convention for you guys in 2014. The theme is cyberpunk, which I’m pretty excited about for reasons that will hopefully become clear as the year goes on…so start making your plans now to come to Seattle in late September 2014, and I’ll see you there!

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