RainFurrest: My Schedule

I’ll be at RainFurrest this weekend, at the Seattle/Tacoma Airport Hilton. I’m arriving sometime Thursday by car and will be diving immediately into panels. Friday morning I’ll be helping open the Sofawolf table and will be behind it when I’m not at panels, usually.


3p – 4p: Children’s, Young Adult, and Adult Writing. I’m going to assume that on the strength of “Green Fairy” and “Waterways,” I’m meant to cover the “Young Adult” portion of this panel, between Mary Lowd and Fuzzwolf (author of such beloved children’s classics as “What Is That Wolf Doing To That Fox?” and “Jake Has Two Daddies Who Pretend To Be Animal People”).

4p – 5p: Reading and Q&A With Kyell Gold. Come listen to me read from an unreleased story! I’ve got a segment of the upcoming “Red Devil,” the upcoming “The Mysterious Affair of Giles,” and probably one or two more. You vote on what you want me to read! Then ask questions about upcoming books, past books, or whatever you like.


4p-6p: Sofawolf Book Launch. I’ll be in attendance as we welcome Ryan Campbell’s first novel, “God of Clay.” There’s sure to be snacks, and you can bother the author with copies of the book you bought at the Sofawolf table earlier that day!

7p-9p: Tell Me A Tale: Live Flash Fiction With Reading. I assume that Ianus, Hunter, and I will be writing flash fictions. And then reading them live. (I have just verified this by looking at the panel descriptions.) So come make me write something fun! If you suggest something lame then we will kick you out. I have just decided that we have the power to do that.

10p – Midnight: Unsheathed. Our popular podcast lives again! I will not have K.M. Hirosaki, sadly, but Ryan Campbell will be joining me to talk about his book, and if past podcasts are any indication, we may be joined by yet another special guest.


6p-7p: Modifying and Retelling Historical Fiction. I’m not sure whether “Camouflage” and “Green Fairy” count for this, but apparently we are supposed to talk about our favorite examples of historical fiction, so that should be fun. I always come away from these kinds of panels with a To Be Read list.


11-Noon: And Suddenly…You’re Popular! Me and Fuzzwolf and Phil Geusz talk about the pleasures and pitfalls of popularity.

4p-5p: Finding and Forming a Writing Group. Well, I have no idea what this is going to be about.

It promises to be a fun weekend! Come to some or all of my panels and come say hi at the Sofawolf table. As usual, I prefer you come get signatures at the Sofawolf table rather than at panels, but if I have a little time after a panel and you haven’t been able to get to the dealer’s room, I’ll happily sign things.

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