Back from WorldCon

As those of you following my Twitter feed will know, I am back in the Bay Area after a very fun WorldCon. It seemed more relaxed overall and I got to meet up with some of my F/SF friends and make a few new ones. There’s a post a-brewin’ in my head about why more furries should pay attention to the Hugos; it keeps shifting around a little and I am trying to pin it down and also wait for when I have time to work on it. But the main points I’m kicking around are:

* The furry fandom does not need the SF fandom. We have a pretty good community.

* The SF fandom doesn’t really need the furry fandom, but it needs something.

* There are furries who are into all kinds of speculative fiction, and the SF fandom is indisputably the center of that universe.

* There are F/SF authors who would write furry fiction and fans who would read it.

I think the point is that the fandoms could have more overlap than they do. Specifically, furries could get involved in the Hugos, help nominate really good furry works but also read the really good mainstream F/SF works and cross-pollinate, as it were. Some furry authors have sold into mainstream F/SF already (me, Renee Carter Hall, Mary Lowd, Michael Payne at least all have pro sales and there are likely others).

Anyway, this is not going to be that post. This is about how WorldCon was fun. We saw the FurPlanet guys and Ursula Vernon and Kevin, hung out with people we last saw last year, and generally enjoyed being part of the scene. Next year’s WorldCon is in London and you UKFurs should plan on getting together there in August, to see the con, and to say hi to me because I will be there too. :D (And EuroFurence starts two days after WorldCon ends, so we will likely be hitting that one too, yay!!)

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