A Thought For Writers

Instead of saying, “Well, that piece of writing advice clearly doesn’t apply to me,” how about trying, “What if that piece of writing advice did apply to me?”

Or: it never hurts to try to get better at something, even if you think you’re already pretty good at it.

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One Response to A Thought For Writers

  1. Slip-Wolf says:

    Just on the off-chance that negative feedback from somewhere comes even close to the positive deserved, I want to express that I greatly appreciate the writing tips you share in your posts and circulars. I thrive on fresh perspectives and your tips have bolstered and tempered many projects done, in progress and still germinating. Thanks so much for your insights and I implore you to keep sharing the knowledge that’s helped you achieve success.
    I honestly have no question. I just wanna say thanks.

    Grateful for your candour and generosity,