Divisions and Winter Games now on Amazon

In case you were waiting for that.

It is sort of magical how I got an e-mail from Amazon last night asking me to verify my rights to the two books, logged into their site, verified the rights, and sent them on for processing–all with my phone while standing in line to check into a hotel. It didn’t FEEL magical–partly because we were in line for 50 minutes–but that is kind of the magic right there, that it is such an ordinary thing. I’m old enough that my first reaction to the e-mail was ‘well, damn, I won’t have wireless access until tomorrow night,’ and then I remembered, oh, wait, I am typing this ON A COMPUTER WITH INTERNET ACCESS. The only question was how well the Kindle site would come up on the phone, and it worked well. So some of those fifty minutes were put to good use.

(So were the others, in conversation with my road-trip friends, but that magic is old and well-known, if slightly endangered by the newer one.)

Anyway. The books are on Amazon. Other sites to follow at their own pace. Happy Thursday everyone!

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