Out of Position Audiobook is live!

I have been talking about this for a while, and I am proud to announce that today the audiobook of “Out of Position” (my first audiobook!) is available for sale at audible.com. It is narrated by Savrin of Knotcast (Jeremy Sewell) and is eleven-and-some hours long.

Because it is of interest to other authors, here’s how it came about: ACX is a website that matches narrators with authors (I have two more audiobooks in production with narrators I found through them). Savrin had done a recording of the first part of OOP (“In Between”) that I really enjoyed, and we’d kicked around the idea of him doing the whole book, but there wasn’t really a platform to create an audiobook with until ACX launched.

Fast-forward a year or two or three to Oklacon X (Oklacon is a terrific outdoor chill con that I was fortunate enough to be invited to and highly recommend to everyone) where Savrin was recording a live episode of Knotcast. Afterwards, he and I chatted a bit and I mentioned this ACX platform, and he thought he would have time to record the audiobook. He signed up when he got back and we did an ACX contract, and soon after, he started recording.

Making an audiobook is not simple, you guys. ACX estimates six hours spent working on the book for each hour of finished narration, and this is why you pay more for audiobooks. You’re getting the performance of the narrator in addition to the words of the author. So Savrin recorded the book, and in June, passed it to me to review and listen to. There wasn’t a lot I wanted to change–two or three minor things. He fixed them, and I approved it to ACX on July 2.

ACX has a validation process that they claim takes 14-21 days; in this case it was 22 (maybe 21.5 depending on when I actually hit the “Approve” button), but who’s quibbling? They set the price, they post the book to Audible, iTunes, and Amazon, and they record the sales. Savrin and I agreed on a Royalty Share contract, which means he and I split the royalties (approximately half of each sale, although Audible has member credits and a complicated formula to figure out how much we get when a member purchases the book with credits); it is also possible to simply pay the narrator ahead of time, in which case the author receives all the royalties. Narrators I was looking at requested around $3000 in advance for the book, which would have been difficult to come up with, so all my books are currently on the Royalty Share plan.

And now you can listen to OOP if you are one of those people who can’t sit down with a book anywhere! I’m really excited about this. I hope you’ll enjoy Savrin’s recording, and within a month or two, you should be able to get Green Fairy and Waterways, and eventually Bridges by the end of the year. If you liked Savrin’s recording, let him and me know. We’re hoping to get started pretty soon on Isolation Play. :D

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