If You’ve Written To Me…

I have tried to keep up with e-mail while traveling. But if you don’t hear back by, say, July 25 or so, feel free to drop me a reminder. E-mail piles up, and sometimes I file things away to answer later and then I get a spate of e-mails and forget, especially when I’m going to lots of different conventions. I’ll be at Comic-Con all this week and back home next week, so give me a couple days to catch up with things I need to respond to, and then remind me that yours is one of them if I miss it. Thanks for your understanding. :)

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3 Responses to If You’ve Written To Me…

  1. Iago says:

    Thanks for the update, and I hope you have a great Comic-Con! I went to NYCC once, just as a day-trip (parents live in southern NY), and…wow!

    Since I’m posting anyhow – I’ve mentioned your books a couple of times (cough) on my FB and a straight girl friend was curious enough to download samples. That resulted in the following message being posted to my timeline-

    “Just wanted to let you know that I may have to kill you for recommending those books to me. I read the samples and I am going to have to buy the books so I can find out what happens next…..”

    You’re welcome. :) And also, you’re a total jerk for making me get addicted to Dev and Lee’s story. To the point that I went ahead and downloaded the eBook of Divisions, and figure I’ll pick up the hardcover some other time…because yeah, I want these in hardcover. :)

    Be well!


    • Administrator says:

      Aw, gee, thanks! :D

      • Iago says:

        You’re welcome! :) So when’s the next book coming out? :p

        BTW, if you ever get around to FB-friending me you could wow my friends by replying to that post. (grin) Purely to pimp your books of course.