Comic-Con Is Here!

(In another day, anyway.)

So the last stop on Kyell’s Cross-Country Convention Campaign is Comic-Con in San Diego, and after this Kit and I get to go home. We had a blast at AnthroCon and a terrific ReaderCon, and now there’s a week of comic frenzy. But this will actually be a bit different for a couple reasons.

First, Kit and I have done this before. This is our x-teenth Comic-Con together, and our eighth or so exhibiting, and we kind of know the routine. Not just how to get the booth set up and what to expect, but where to eat, arranging dinners, and so on. It’s stressful still, but it’s more or less a known stress. AnthroCon and ReaderCon, while we weren’t selling there, were brand-new experiences and so there was the stress of figuring out simple things like “where do we get Starbucks in the morning?”

Second, I’m working more for Sofawolf here. At furry and SF cons, there’s the fun of meeting fans, but then there’s also the part of me thinking about doing panels, about meeting new people to work on projects with or to help with existing projects, whom should I talk to about the books, and so on and so forth. Here at Comic-Con I’m doing the same thing but with someone else’s books, mostly (mine a little bit), and so it’s different.

That said, I’m still going to be signing stuff if people want signatures, and Sofawolf will have my books at the table when I’m there, which will be Wednesday night, Thursday and Saturday morning, and Friday afternoon. And I’ll likely be floating about at other times too. We’re at booth #1236, same as the last few years, right near Penny Arcade in the Webcomics section. If you’re around, you should come by and say hi! Follow my Twitter for updates.

Comic-Con is always fun–Kit and I think everyone should do it at least once in their lives. We’re really happy that we get to do it every year. Can’t wait to get started!

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