AC Schedule

Looking for me at AC? Here’s where I’ll be.


12-1:30 At the Sofawolf booth ready to chat with fans and sign books!

1:30-2:30 At my Ten Ways To Improve Your Writing panel.

2:30 – 3:30 At Fox Amoore’s concert if I can get in.

3:30-6 Back at the Sofawolf booth. Bring your books and your cash or credit card to buy new ones!

6:30 – 7 At the Iron Author Rules presentation. Come find out how to make me sad that words were invented.

7 – 8 At my From Amateur to Pro panel. With hopefully a special secret guest!

10-12 At the Adult Writing Basics panel with Ianus, Ashe, and Rukis. You know you want to be there.



11-2 At the Sofawolf booth again! This may be a good time to come say hi.

2-3 At the Kyell Gold Reading/Q&A. I hear he’s going to read from an unpublished work and you get to decide what…

3-6 In the dealer’s room yet again. This is the last block of time that you will definitely be able to see me here, so come by if you can! I may also lurk around the FurPlanet table to sign copies of my books there, including that new one.

9-10 pm At the Novel Ideas panel. Tips and tricks about writing novels, maybe? Who knows? Why not come around and see?



I’ll be away in the morning but will try to make it back to the Sofawolf booth by 1 or 1:30, and will be there until:

3-4 At the Submit and Publish panel.

4-5:30 I will be reading the Iron Author entries and cursing one name more loudly than the rest. Find out who it will be!


Follow my Twitter (@KyellGold) for updates during the day and also some amusing commentary. I hope to see lots of you guys at the panels and in the Dealer’s Room!

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