That Upcoming Story

So that story I talked about a couple days ago? I posted a foreword introducing it on a Page on this WordPress site (if you are reading this on LJ, then that should be “that WordPress site”) where the story will reside and be updated.

Anyway, it’s also on FA, of course, more community-friendly, and I may toss it onto some other sites eventually, but for the moment I am going to be busy enough in July that updating two sites twice a week is plenty. Anyway, on FA I noted that although only certain parts of the story will/may be adult (it’s not finished yet and so far the most adult part is some name-calling in the first chapter), I’m marking the whole thing adult just in case. I don’t have that flag here but, you know… fairly warned, be ye, says I.

I’m planning to update Tuesdays and Thursdays and should be able to do so from wherever I am. Right now I have enough to keep updating through July, so even if I stall out and don’t write until the convention madness is over,  I’ll be okay.

But I will. I like this story and am excited about it. I hope you guys will be too.

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