The State of E-Books

Well, Kobo has debuted a new interface for authors which makes it much easier to upload books. So I now have four Argaea books, uploaded arduously through the old system, Out of Position, Isolation Play, and Bridges uploaded through Smashwords, and In the Doghouse of Justice, Science Friction, Silver Circle, and Green Fairy uploaded through the new interface. Of course, none of that is visible to you guys; they just all look like they’re on sale through Kobo.

(I haven’t yet figured out how to put the Argaea books on sale because I can’t access them through the new interface, but I’m working on it.)

Meanwhile, Smashwords doesn’t like my re-upload of “In the Doghouse of Justice”–though it passed on the first upload, now they want “undergarments drawn on the nude figures” (what? what?) and they say that the cover page shows up black, which someone else reported as well, only I can’t make that happen on any of my ePub viewers…so I’m not sure how to fix it. But anyway, it still seems to be on sale in various places although Smashwords’ conversion of the Word doc still doesn’t work well…

But hey. Books on Kobo! Some people have been asking for it and now there they are.

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