My Daily Reads

Because it might be of interest… these are the places I go for my daily dose of info:

Politics: Wonkette. It’s snarky and informative, and the only drawback is that I know a lot more about the stupid people out there than I really think I need to. You might get the impression from reading Wonkette that the world is full of Teabaggers and Republican (and Democratic) idiots. But they do highlight real legislative problems and offer links to informative articles, and I love their writing style, so there you go.

Sports:, Joe Posnanski, and Grantland. I stopped reading ESPN a while ago (except for TMQ during football season) because they put Flash video on every page that auto-launches (I know you can disable it and I have on some of my machines, but it’s still annoying), and also because half their stuff is Insider-locked (subscription only). SI has some really good columnists, and Grantland does a great job of integrating sports and the outside world. That’s all I need. Joe Poz writes about sports and life from a very human perspective, which as a character-focused writer, I adore.

Furry: I don’t follow many people (to keep my queues down), but if there’s a big news story, it almost always hits the journals of one of the people I do follow. Also, FA is where a lot of people choose to send me notes or shout on my page.

Writing/Writing Culture: Lance Mannion, Ken Levine, Whatever. Lance is an English professor who writes very smart things about books and movies. Ken is a former sitcom writer and current baseball announcer (!) who writes smart and funny things about the worlds of Hollywood and sports. John Scalzi is a former film critic, science fiction writer, and president of the SFWA (until this summer) who writes smart, funny things about science fiction, movies, and life.

Webcomics: Penny Arcade, xkcd, SMBC. Wonderella on weekends. Homestuck while it’s updating.

Tech Industry: Coyote Tracks. Watts covers the tech industry with a jaundiced insider’s eye and cynical humor, which is pretty much the best way to do it.

There you go. What do you guys read?

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