Another Weekend, Another Convention

This weekend I will be up at Emerald City Comic-Con in lovely Seattle. Kit and I always love an excuse to go to Seattle, and a comic-con is a terrific excuse. Emerald City in particular is a very nice con that’s grown spectacularly over the last few years, I suspect because it is (a) in downtown Seattle, and (b) a very well-run con. It’s very artist-focused, so the artist section is like a third of the con, and this year they are expanding to a second exhibit hall! Anyway, I will be of course at the Sofawolf Press booth for most of the weekend, and we should have my books there if you are in Seattle and would like to come by and say hi.

Also as a result of this, next month’s mailing list entry will probably go out Tuesday or Wednesday rather than Monday. Don’t worry, it’ll be coming! If you have been wondering what Martique and Victor have been up to since “Miracle on 34th Sheath,” you might get a sneak peek at an upcoming story in this edition… and of course, it’s not too late to subscribe.

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