Furry Fiesta Recap

I’m back from Dallas and the always-fun Furry Fiesta. Trivia! Furry Fiesta is the first convention I attended as Kyell Gold, way back at Furry Fiesta 1 in 2009. Since then, the con has grown, but it doesn’t feel like it’s grown. I recognize a lot of people every year and enjoy getting to chat and catch up with some Texas friends. This year, K.M. Hirosaki returned after missing last year, but Kit again stayed home. I spent most of my time between the FurPlanet and Blotch tables hanging out with all of them, which was a ton of fun.

I sat on some panels and attended others (a rarity for me). The Adult Fiction panel went pretty well, with Sasuke, Warnndog, and the writing track lead, Smokescale. The Character Development panel I thought went even better, with Warnndog, Smokescale, and Phil Geusz. Our Unsheathed podcast, with tech-savvy audio engineer B-Hop sitting in for our tech-savvy wolf, was a lot of fun, and I got to do a pro-fandom rant again after missing it for the last couple live shows.

The panels I attended were B-Hop’s voice acting panel, which is a great time if you want to read a script in front of a mike and play a character for a short time, and the Bedfellows guys’ “How to Make a Web Series” panel. The Bedfellows guys are very cool, creative and driven, and their series is going places. You should check it out.

K.M. and I also attended a live broadcast of the FBA All-Star game, which was a tremendously fun experience. B-Hop and Stevie watched a computer play the actual game and provided commentary in real time, which was pretty freaking impressive. If you have the chance to listen in on one of their games, I highly recommend it.

I saw people at a couple room parties, for OklaCon and FurPlanet, wished Fuzzwolf and my artist friend Crystal a happy birthday, and though I had to leave early, I had a full con’s worth of fun. Looking forward to next year at the new hotel!

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